A study in the journal Blood reports for the first time the biological features of MRD (minimal residual disease) cells in myeloma and shows that clonal selection is already present at the MRD stage. Supported in part by a grant from the IMF’s Black Swan Research Initiative, the study “sets the stage for understanding the nature of MRD-positive disease,” said Dr. Brian Durie. “How many clones are left after initial therapy? Are these clones old or new? How have clones “morphed” with treatment? Does multi-drug therapy produce better results? From descriptions of the immune and molecular features of resistant clones, some answers are starting to emerge.” To read the study, “Phenotypic and genomic analysis of multiple myeloma minimal residual disease tumor cells: a new model to understand chemoresistance,” which was led by Black Swan Research investigator Dr. Bruno Paiva,

Click here to read the Blood article

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